Monkey Go Happy 2 Game

When you are stuck at home or at the office and are bored out of your mind, what can you turn to? You might watch a stupid online video or you could play wastebasket basketball. But you have probably done these things a million times and are in dire need of a new boredom buster. Our site makes it easy and fun to play Free Online Games that will challenge your skills while entertaining you at the same time. Monkey Go Happy 2 is one of our games that promises to deliver you from even the deepest pits of boredom.

There are a countless number of Return Man games available to play online. Monkey Go Happy 2 is one that has all the components of a game you will love. It requires less effort than crossword puzzles and is more exciting than tetris. Fun and addictive, it is the perfect balance of entertainment and difficulty in a game so that you won’t be able to get enough of this one.

You may wonder what depressed virtual monkeys can offer you in your time of need. You may be skeptical as to whether they can really provide the entertainment you crave. But hundreds of satisfied fans attest to the funny qualities of Monkey Go Happy 2.

How to Play Monkey Go Happy 2

Why are the monkeys sad, you may ask? As the game begins, the baby monkeys have been kidnapped from their home. But you can change all of that as you play the game and work to earn top scores. As in all good games, the faster you blast through it the higher your score will be.

It’s all in the title with this free online game. Your challenge is to cheer up two sad monkeys throughout a series of the impossible quiz Online games. This is accomplished by solving a number of various puzzles you will be presented with in each level. Smiles are also achieved by clicking on objects in each scene. The fewer the clicks, the higher your score.

Players are encouraged to explore each level carefully as there are hidden secrets that can boost the score. As you progress, the Tunnel Rush game levels will become more and more difficult. In the end, you must make your way through fifteen levels of sad monkeys. But the pay-off is to see these primates happy once again.

Play Duck Life 4 is not a complicated game to play so that anyone of any age can partake in the joy of cheering up these cute little monkeys. We make it easy to try and see for yourself how much fun the monkeys are.

Playing for Free

Play Cube Game for free on our website. While other game sites make you jump through hoops by making sign up, we provide free games – there are no strings attached and there is no hidden agenda. Just come to our webpage and play to start cheering up those little monkeys!

Making Them Smile Will Make You Smile

As you play run 3 game to make these monkeys smile, you will not be able to help but smile yourself. It is the perfect cure for those Monday blues at the office or just to burn a little free time at home. How can you not be cheered up after making sad little monkeys smile?